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My Art

 MAY 18, 2012

Assignments from Watercolor Sketchbook--Designs From Life class.

APRIL 17, 2012

Another online class project that I forgot to post.

FIRST POST (forgot the date!)
I originally started my blog as a place to share my art and other interests. Before I knew it my interest in quilting took over and art went to the back corner. Well, it's back. I've been taking a couple of free online art classes and getting my paints and brushes back up and running.

One of the classes I've taken is 'Doodles Unleashed'  taught by Traci Bautista. If you like to doodle this is the class for you. There is a long list of supplies suggested for the class but Traci recommends you use the supplies you already have. It can be a fun treasure hunt to keep the cost of supplies down, everything from raiding your child's crayon box to a trip to the $ store.

My first doodle

 The other class I just started is 'Watercolor Sketching' taught by Cathy Johnson.

My first watercolor in 3 years. 

Both classes are available until August at  Also there will be a free drawing class starting in May. Please come and join in the fun.


  1. I love your art! I do hope that you will share more... I notice on Pinterest what great taste you have :-)

  2. I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful work.

  3. so, i finally found your blog! love your work. i am now a follower.
    all the best


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