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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Touch(?) Of Winter And A WIP

Needless to say you've all probably heard about the snowstorm across the country last week. Hubby had to snowblow the driveway out 3 times this week. And I was hoping for the same light weather this winter as we had last year. (Sigh...) Sorry but since I don't have a FaceBook page anymore I just had to do a little rant here. LOL

I do have some quilting to show you though. I started this quilt top about six years ago. It's about time I finished. I have to add more blocks to it but I thought I would show you what I've done so far. So making a promise to myself, this quilt top will be finished in time to start a new one. Another LOL

I think there are three more blocks to be completed before I assemble them and then there is a pieced border to finish it off.  To be continued.... After all I've acquired a quilted wall hanging pattern that has pieced cardinal blocks in it. Can't wait to start it! So many quilts so little time.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I Did It!

I finally succeeded in making a beautiful, tasty looking Challah. It also smells wonderful. Dinner will be especially sweet tonight! I'll have to work on the braiding though. LOL

I wish all my quilting sisters in Israel  Happy Hanukkah!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Snow auuugh!

And here it is... the first snow of the season. Sigh.... It always comes too soon for me. This means: Have to get my snow legs back. Interpretation: Learn to drive in the snow again. At least this year I don't have to go across the city and pick my dad up for his doctor's appointments. None scheduled this winter so far.
Looking out our back door.

Hoping all of my followers in the US had your fill of turkey this week. I know I did...3 days straight. I get 'turkeyed out' every year. LOL

I did, however, manage to complete my guild projects for the fall.

My contribution to our quarterly block challenge.

Fall quilt guild project. I picked colors that go with my kitchen.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Nesting

Now that the clocks have been turned back so it's getting dark at 5 PM and with the fact that it's a cool 36 degrees out, I've been in kind of a nesting mood today. I've been checking out some homesteading/gardening blogs and finding new comfort food recipes. And thoughts of giving my spinningwheel a dusting off and picking up the knitting needles once again have crossed my brain.  I always get this way when the air gets colder. However the temperature is supposed to reach into the sixties on Sunday so my nesting mindset may be delayed a bit longer. Let's hope so.

The following pictures I took on my neighborhood walk a couple of weeks ago when the leaves had turned and were still on the trees...not so now.

The end of an adjacent road. I never noticed that house up the hill on the right hand side of the picture before.

Looking down the road in front of our home.

View in back of our back yard.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Old Forge Quilt Show 2nd Post

As I promised yesterday here are the rest of my photos from the Quilts Unlimited show at the Old Forge Art Center. Enjoy.

This wall hanging was loaded with sparkly fabrics and threads.

Stars all in purple.

A lot of sparkle but the photo doesn't do it justice.

For the cat lovers out there.

An example of Adirondack pond life.

a lot of star quilts at this show.

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The center of these circles were set with mirrors.

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Another Adirondack pond scene

Pots of Flowers

The illusion of a three dimensional relief.

A flower medallion.

Looks like seaweed under water.

This could make you dizzy looking at it.

a very tropical looking dancer.

This is the first side of a two sided wall hanging. Many, many shimmery fabrics and thread. Again my photo can't do this quilt justice.

The 2nd side of the above quilt. I'm not quite as enthusiastic about this side.
Another interesting Adirondack scene with a difference...It is framed with 3 dimensional padded fabric mimicking wood shapes so often associated with Adirondack decor.
This quilt was created from six different patterns combined into one quilt. It gives the effect that there are six quilts laying on top of each other.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Old Forge Quilt Show

It's been just over a week since I went with Carolyn,one of the members from our quilt guild, to Old Forge NY to see the Quilts Unlimited Quilt Show at the Old Forge Art Center. The round trip was just under 200 miles. The day was a little overcast and we had a bit of rain on the way up. I drove and we had a nice chat during the trip which took about two hours one way. The show was in a beautiful new building with plenty of parking and a painted statue of a moose in front.

I'm sharing pictures of many of the quilts at the show in this and my next posting so you'll have to come back again to see the rest of these wonderful quilts.

It's hard to tell from the picture but the largest dragonflies were appliqued free-floating so to speak (attached only at the insects bodies) on top on the background.

This quilt displayed the flora and fauna of the Adirondack Mountains.

Appliqued album quilt

Anther appliqued quilt

Border detail and award for the above appliqued quilt.

Wow! All those tiny points.

Detail of the above quilt.


Again...all those little points!

A denim quilt

This was digitally designed and printed on fabric in four sections, then assembled and quilted.

View from the dock on perhaps a lake in the Adiraondacks.

I love farms and barns that sport a quilt motif.

Another quilt that a photo doesn't do justice to. This had many sparkly fabrics and shiney quilting threads.

I was never a flower child but this brings back memories of riding in the back seat of a VW room for my knees!

Watch for my next post...I'll have the rest of the show.