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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Who Doesn't Need A Touch Of Spring?

Well, it's raining right now and the snow is slowly melting. The driveway has turned into mud and even though that's very annoying (muddy boots and all) at least we can see some bare ground again. The squirrels have chased the birds away from the bird feeder so it has been removed until next fall. This winter we were entertained by the antics of the different birds. The sparrows and wren can get pretty feisty with each other just like human siblings. They all claim the birdseed as their own. We were delighted with the cardinal population this year. At on point we had 2 females and 4 males out there at the same time. And quite often there would be at least 3 males showing up all at once. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures but every time I got near the window the birds would spook.

However, the geranium cuttings I took last fall and brought into the house have started to bloom. I guess that will have to hold me until the spring bulbs make their entrance.

I just heard a roar and looked up at the window. The rain has stopped and the snow is at it again. Sigh....

Hugs everyone! Have a great week.

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