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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Old Forge Quilt Show 2nd Post

As I promised yesterday here are the rest of my photos from the Quilts Unlimited show at the Old Forge Art Center. Enjoy.

This wall hanging was loaded with sparkly fabrics and threads.

Stars all in purple.

A lot of sparkle but the photo doesn't do it justice.

For the cat lovers out there.

An example of Adirondack pond life.

a lot of star quilts at this show.

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The center of these circles were set with mirrors.

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Another Adirondack pond scene

Pots of Flowers

The illusion of a three dimensional relief.

A flower medallion.

Looks like seaweed under water.

This could make you dizzy looking at it.

a very tropical looking dancer.

This is the first side of a two sided wall hanging. Many, many shimmery fabrics and thread. Again my photo can't do this quilt justice.

The 2nd side of the above quilt. I'm not quite as enthusiastic about this side.
Another interesting Adirondack scene with a difference...It is framed with 3 dimensional padded fabric mimicking wood shapes so often associated with Adirondack decor.
This quilt was created from six different patterns combined into one quilt. It gives the effect that there are six quilts laying on top of each other.

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  1. Amazing quilts. So much talent. Thanks for the show


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