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Possibility: one's utmost power, capacity or ability.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good News And Something Green

I told you in my last post that my desktop PC had serious problems and crashed and burned. Upon further inspection my husband-computer-greek-fix-it-man found that a connection had been dislodged and tangled up in the cooling fan. Ahhhh! An easy fix! Fortunately no files were lost. Whew!

Since I can't find my garden under all that snow to work on, I decided to work on my houseplants. The shelves were cleaned and the plants revitalized. I have a small tabletop fountain that we found was leaking and needed repair so it didn't make it into the following photos.

This is a nice spot in my kitchen to drink coffee and admire the greenery in the morning.

I closed the curtains so you wouldn't see the snow!
A shelf of succulant plants.
And finally, I', thinking about seed starting for the coming gardening season. I'm giving my veggie garden a rest this year but plan on growing a few tasty things in pots. And since I won't be fussing with the veggies this year I can catch up with the weeds and revitalize my perennial beds.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Are The Chances?

What are the chances that my laptop battery was on it's deathbed, and one day after ordering a replacement battery, my desktop PC's hard drive crashed and burned? Yep.... 100%!!!!! My laptop is enjoying it's new battery so I'm catching up on internet stuff. Unfortunately, I have no idea how many files I've lost on the PC. :-((  I still have most of my pictures but all those bookmarks I'd accumulated are probably toast. Sigh.

Okay, now for the project I didn't post last week. I promise this is the last snowman project I'm doing until next winter. This project came from a Create and Decorate magazine from 2004. At the time this was published, I was into primitive style decorating. I figured this was an appropriate project to end my snowman posts with.

It appears we've had 4 to 5 feet total snow in the last few weeks. And the wind has been brutal. Winter is really getting old in a hurry so next week I'll be posting something spring-like. As you can see, my snowman is eager to get out of this weather too. And I have it on good authority that this snowman won't melt.

Until next time...Tootles my friends!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh, That Pinterest!

This post is being written a bit later today than I planned. We received a foot or more of snow last night and my hubby had to snow-blow the driveway. Unfortunately the tractor-snow-blower got stuck and we had to wrestle to get it unstuck. It was not fun.

Also, I didn't post last week because of other obligations. One: My final test for my Bible course was due...had to study for it. Got 99%. Whoopee! Did the happy dance! Two: Our 45th wedding anniversary was last Friday and I prepared a special dinner for my honey. (We dined out the week before just in case the weather was too bad to go out in.)

On to my blog: I'm still in snowman decor mode. I have a snowman Pinterest board and picked a project to do this week with...yep, you guessed it...snowmen.It turned out a little different than the original. I had to substitute buttons and other embellishments but that made it more my own. See what you think.
Until my next post...Hugs!