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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here It Is Again One Flower Wednesday

  I really enjoy keeping up with One Flower Wednesdays. Check out all our gardens at I've decided to probably only make one flower a week for the summer instead of the two I usually do. I'm going to start adding the path to my garden, maybe one section a week until I've caught up with all the flowers I've done so far. Here are my flowers for this week.

  I'm also starting to get back into making some art. I've been so into quilting lately that that area of my creativity has been neglected. This morning I made a gift tag to go along with a birthday gift for my 29 year old (again...hahaha!) oldest daughter. I can't see spending a ridiculous amount on a card when it is better spent on a gift and adults may think that a card from the dollar store gives the impression that the giver doesn't care enough. So my alternative is to start making cards for each occasion. I think it's so much more personal. And the receiver may even want to save the memento. Here's my tag.

Tomorrow I'll be out in the garden. It's been so wet that the weeds are growing faster than the veggies and there are plenty of them. In fact, the poison ivy had gotten a head start with the latest heat wave. Here are a couple of pictures of my front perennial garden. Two years in the making. Hopefully this year, the third, will be the grand finale.

 It's been so hot for the last three days that I haven't been venturing out much. Imagine my surprise when I went out this morning and found my Irises had broken out in bloom. Whoohoo!

  Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Your one flower a week summer plan sounds like a good idea and the tag is fabulous! Enjoy time in the garden!

  2. Pretty flowers! I especially like the purple!

  3. Hi Roxanne, great to see you again... Love your pretty irises, and your garden is going to be awesome! Love your hexie flowers...We are having very cold nights and some sunny days here. Enjoy your warm days..xx

  4. Your flowers are pretty! It sounds like you are just switching up from "hexie" flowers to real life flowers...with some creative art thrown in. Have's good to change things up!
    Deb from


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