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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time To Change The Look

I have been thinking of changing the look of my blog. I've puttered around a bit with it by trying out different colors but, alas, it doesn't satisfy. I think it's getting a little tired. Actually I'm getting tired of it. I've been looking around at other blogs and there are a lot of interesting designs out there. So beware, I will be changing things in the future. Soon I hope.

Gotta change the baby!

I've been nosing around the blogger interface and there are some interesting features available. I can  add my own background, add pages, etc. Woo-hoo! I originally wanted to blog about my art, etc. and somehow it became more about my quilting. I still want to blog about my art and other interests so maybe having other pages on the blog will be a motivator to produce more work in those areas.

And now on to the banner. When I chose the design it was to set the primary flavor of this blog as an art blog. The image of the girl reminded me of myself at nineteen. Sigh! I think I owned a similar pair of slacks too. I think a blog banner is like curb appeal for a home or like the front door to a house. If it grabs the interest of the viewer perhaps they'll come in, look around and stay awhile.

And oh, the gadgets available to add. Another woo-hoo! Where will it all end? It all sounds like a lot of fun and an opportunity to stretch my computer abilities. Oh, the sugarplums that are ideas dancing in my head. Stay tune!


  1. You'll have fun playing with your blog. I started my blog just because I wanted to learn how to do it all. I didn't even have a real plan for content, just wanted to become more computer literate.

  2. Hi, Roxanne...and then the blog can be a work of art by itself. Have fun playing with it!
    best, nadia

  3. Hi Roxanne, I too like Sunny started my blog to learn more.. still learning..
    Don't get a lot of time to play around with it though..
    Have fun..


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