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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day. Both of my daughters came to visit me this morning. My youngest one brought me a lovely plant and the older one brought me earrings she had made. Hubby put them to work helping us set a new fence around the vegetable garden. the extra two pairs of hands made the work easy. Thanks girls! Afterwards a trip to the garden store to get peat moss, top soil and fertilizer. Then back to the garden where I finished wiring the trellis for the tomatoes, amending the soil and finally got those tomatoes in. I'm exhausted and I won't have trouble getting to sleep tonight.

This was part of our veggie garden last year. The tomato plants became so heavy that they pulled the wooden stakes almost to the ground. This year we sunk fence posts across the row and I wired them with chicken wire to tie the plants to.  We'll keep trying until we find what works for us. Tomorrow I'll be back out dodging raindrops to get my peppers, onions and broccoli in the ground. Then there's the raspberry bushes to plant and the list goes on.

The online art class I was taking has finished just in the nick of time. The only time I won't be in the garden is when it rains. So not much time for quilting or art for a while.

Oh, and one little last treat for Mother's Day was given to me by the way of the sweet melody of an oriole in the tree in our back yard. I am blessed.

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