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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lots of Quilt Blocks

One of the projects the quilt guild I belong to is doing this year is a friendship or signature block quilt. Or should I say we're just doing the blocks and each member individually will decide how she wants to finish the quilt.

We are a small guild of maybe 17 ladies. Not all of our members are able to join in but, for those that are, it's a wonderful idea. For each meeting one of the members is featured and picks a block pattern that she feels represents her.

These are the blocks presented that I have finished so far.
Elaine's School House Block.

Mary's Indian Trails Block

Ceil's Sunflower Block

Sharon's Pieced Tulips Block

Shirley's Cross Within A Cross Block

Roxanne's Rolling Stone Block

The Friendship Block with a photo of our guild members for the center of the block.

Carolyn B's May Basket Block

Karen's Covered Bridge Block
I'm not sure how many more block patterns will be given to us but certainly this is a good start to a quilt full of memories.

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