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Monday, August 18, 2014

And Time Flies!

It's hard to believe but the last time I posted here was July 9th. I guess it's true that the older you get, the faster time flies! And what have I been doing with my flying time you ask. Here's my list:
  1. First and foremost, I started taking Torah study classes from an internet Bible college and lovin'
  2. Still settling in to my studio. This week we're hanging shelves to provide more storage space.
      Yes, I admit I have way-too-much in the way of art and craft supplies and need more space
       to accommodate them.
  3. Working on new and reworking old artwork to hang up on the bare walls of my studio.
  4. Working on my veggie garden. Lots of wax and green beans this year.

  5. I spend the last 2 Wednesdays playing with encaustic (wax) painting at a friend's house.
Make sure to click on the above picture to read the poem and get a chuckle.
Ribbon Work


Can you hear?

From The Ocean

  Okay, so this isn't great art. Remember this was just playing and we were trying out the medium.

Toodles until next time.

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  1. You're so creative! I love that last piece, from the ocean. It's always fun to have a variety of projects to choose from on any given day.


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