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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good News And Something Green

I told you in my last post that my desktop PC had serious problems and crashed and burned. Upon further inspection my husband-computer-greek-fix-it-man found that a connection had been dislodged and tangled up in the cooling fan. Ahhhh! An easy fix! Fortunately no files were lost. Whew!

Since I can't find my garden under all that snow to work on, I decided to work on my houseplants. The shelves were cleaned and the plants revitalized. I have a small tabletop fountain that we found was leaking and needed repair so it didn't make it into the following photos.

This is a nice spot in my kitchen to drink coffee and admire the greenery in the morning.

I closed the curtains so you wouldn't see the snow!
A shelf of succulant plants.
And finally, I', thinking about seed starting for the coming gardening season. I'm giving my veggie garden a rest this year but plan on growing a few tasty things in pots. And since I won't be fussing with the veggies this year I can catch up with the weeds and revitalize my perennial beds.


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