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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Flower Wednesday and Testimony Time

First the testimony:
  It's been a wild week. My husband and I are sharing one car right now as the his vehicle is out of service (temporarily I hope). I had to drive him to work Sunday night so I could have the car to pick up my 93 year old dad from adult care facility he lives at the next morning and take him to his doctor's appointment. When we got to hospital parking garage and I got out of the car I noticed the rear tire looking very soft.  As we waited to be taken in the office from the waiting room, I decided it would be not help the situation by worrying about that tire. With all the times God has delivered me from the scrapes that come with life why be concerned now that He wouldn't come up with an answer. After my dad's exam was complete we went back to the car. I looked at the tire and it appeared closer to flat than it had when I got there. As I was getting my dad in to the car a man a few cars away from ours called out "Did you know you have a flat tire?" Then he offered to use the portable compressor he had in his car to fill my tire with air. Rescued again! And it's humbling to think that God would care so much for his children that He would plant someone with the right tool, in the right place, at the right time to take care of a problem that had arisen.
  Later when I picked my husband up from work, he decided we should go right to the tire store to check out that tire that was getting soft again. Yep, they found a screw embedded in the sidewall of the tire. A replacement tire and we were on our way.

  Here's this week flowers. don't you just love those hexies?


  1. Beautiful flowers this week and I am glad all went well with your tire.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Just when we think that we are alone, there is always someone that comes out of the shadows and proves us wrong. Glad you had a good samaritan to come to your rescue.

  3. Nice job on the flowers this week, and how wonderful that God sent help just when you needed it.

  4. Yes! I love your hexies and I am really happy I found the One-Flower-Wednesday- Garden-Party!


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