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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Goodie! It's Wednesday

  Here it is again. Wednesday comes around so fast. Time to post my new flowers for the week. Aren't they purdy?

  Forgive me but I'm in one of those moods. I'll try not to rant. Facebook was miserable last night and refused to post links to a National Geographic article. Can you imagine? National Geographic being censored by the administrators at Facebook. What is the world coming to? Apparently I complained loudly enough and the right people must have seen it because 2 or 3 hours later...voila!... link accepted.

  It's going to be a busy afternoon so I'm getting this post out earlier than I usually do. First, stop at the bank, then on to see my 93 year dad on the other side of town, take him for a ride and buy him an ice cream cone. Then to the garden store and stop at the grocery store. On my way home I'll be stopping at my daughter's place and raiding some of the plants I put in the garden when I used to live there. Of course, her coffee pot will be on and we'll chat a while. Finally, home and back to the garden until the bugs chase me inside. What a life!

  Lastly, here's my finished mystery quilt I did with my quilt guild.


  1. What cute flowers you've sewn!

  2. It sure is purdy!!! And, a wonderful mystery quilt too!

  3. Beautiful fabrics in your flowers this week! They are indeed "purdy"!

    I enjoyed listening to the music on your playlist:)

  4. Your flowers are bold and beautiful. And I totally relate to your FB rant. I'm pretty tired of computers and internet all around at the moment. Great tools but bring their own set of frustration!

    Anyway, I hope you had a nice day at the various stops visiting with family. I love that you take your dad for an ice cream cone. I see that in my future as my dad LOVES his ice cream!!

  5. Wauh, your flowers are perfect. I love the blue fabric, you have used.
    I did read on in your blog. Interesting and your flower garden will be beautiful.


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