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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Flower Wednesday and My Yarn Stash

  Well here is is Wednesday again. I accomplished two flowers this week By Tuesday morning at 10:30 AM. Can you believe it. I just started chugging along and there they were. Hooray! 
  And the following picture is for Rosie. I got nutsy this morning and decided to take a picture of my handspun yarn stash. Most of the natural colored yarn is being saved for a wonderful afghan pattern that has blocks knitted with pictures of different sheep in it. Some of the rest is earmarked to be knitted into a sweater and the colored yarn I'm thinking of weaving scarves with and selling them on line this fall. And if you look close you'll see the dark green yarn with beads at the right foot of my spinning wheel. That will become a fancy scarf for myself. I admit that I spin yarn just for the fun of it. I never have any idea how I will use it, with the exception of the natural colored yarn for my afghan. Why do I have so little you ask? Ha! There are two more cedar chests full of fiber waiting to be spun. Oh, did I hear there another fiber festival to go to? Don't tell my husband. Haha!


  1. Two great flowers and a fabulous stash of yarn!

  2. Love your yarn stash. Sounds like you have some good ideas to use it up.

    Love your hexis too!

  3. Very nice flowers!
    Enjoy your day :)


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