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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where I Went and What I Did Last Weekend

This is the second time I've started this post. Last night just as I got into it, an old friend phoned me and there went the time. Don't think I'm complaining. It was nice to hear from her. After our conversation, I had to get my husband Jerry's 'breakfast' before he went to work. And before I knew it, I was yawning and decided to call it quits for the night. So this morning, now that I've caught up on my email and had a cup of coffee, I'm ready to go at it.

Last Sunday I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival. This is a yearly event and a major source of fiber for my spinning wheel. I try to go every year. It's a 5 hour round trip from our house and I consider it a 'mini vacation'. Jerry isn't interested and doesn't care to go with me. So off I went armed with my CD's to listen to on the trip, chicken salad for my lunch (I don't care for the carnival food that is provided on the grounds and it's too expensive. And there's more cash to use for my purchases that way!), and my camera. Can't forget the camera! *note on the chicken salad: To a can of chicken (drained) I added sliced celery, chopped apple, and dried cranberries, and mayonnaise. Next time I make it, I'll add chopped walnuts too.

Entering the festival
Guide to the festival
Spinning in the sunshine
Inside one of the display areas
Some of the items available
She's spinning right off the bunny!
A whole lot of spinning wheels
Sheep sheering
After sheering
Enjoying the festival so far?


An exhausting day perhaps?
My husband's Uncle Rollie would have called this one 'a noble beast'
A free wagon ride around the festival grounds

Just wanting attention
And now for a look at my purchases. I purchased so much I had a hard time stuffing it all into my two cedar chests along with the fibers that were already in them. So no trip to next year's Fiber Festival. I have enough to supply my spinning for a long time to come.

New acqusitions
A closeup of a red and black blended wool
Another close up. The fiber in the bag is milk fiber. This should be interesting to spin.
Well, there you have it. I purchased wool of different breeds of sheep, some alpaca, llama, etc. The spinning isn't a problem but what to make of the yarn that results is a challenge.


  1. Roxanne, it looks like you had a fantastic time.. It was almost as good as going with you, so thankyou for the pictures.. Bet you go next year too!!!

  2. What an interesting place to visit. You must have had a great time.
    I'll try that chicken salad that you mentioned.

  3. What a wonderful festival!! Wish I could have visited even for just an hour!


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