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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've Been Here All Along

I've been a busy (sort of) gal.  Hubby was on vacation for two weeks. We went out to dinner for our anniversary, 42 years in the making! Then he spent some time doing repairs to our bedroom to prepare for new paint. We've lived here for 4 years and finally getting to freshen up our room. The old ceiling cornice was taken down and walls were patched. Then he went back to work and I started painting. Four days later, after I primed and painted walls, and I might add four days to recover, we were ready to put the new cornice up. Ha! My husband used his stud finder and marked where to nail. With the two of us positioned on ladders and the nailing gun in my husband's hands, up went the cornice. And started to sag. Turns out the stud finder had failed to locate the proper positions. One ranting husband later, a new stud finder and, oh did I mention the new saw that cuts all kinds of angles, we are ready to try again. (Note: Husbands usually like new tools.) That chore is scheduled for next weekend.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I'm giving my demonstration on hand applique to the quilt guild. I'm all prepared and hope they enjoy my presentation.

We've had an unusually light winter here and amazingly my rosemary that I left out in the herb garden is still alive and well. My husband's not complaining because he only had to get the snowblower out twice this year. With a 350 foot driveway to clear, it can be quite a job.

Here is a little caterpillar that was crossing the driveway this week. Can spring be far behind?

I'll leave you with a picture I took through the back door the other day. It looked like someone had dusted the trees with powdered sugar. That was on Thursday. Today the snow had already melted and was almost gone.

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  1. That's a big project you are both undertaking. I'm hoping you'll both be happy with the results. That snow sure looks cold to me!


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