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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Is Getting Close

One day it snows and the next day it melts. We are on a roller coaster ride with the weather this winter. Yesterday was beautiful, sunny and a bit cool but promising. This morning a little snowfall that melted already. On Friday I saw a red winged blackbird at the feeder and a Flicker (woodpecker) in the front yard. Both are birds that migrate out of our area for the winter. But yesterday was a sure sign spring is just around the corner.  I saw something yellow in the front garden. Yes! The winter aconites have made their appearance.

I've been adding other pages to my blog:  'Gardening' and 'My Art'. Be sure to click on the subject tabs as I will also be adding links you might be interested in. I've been taking free online art classes and participation is still open. Look for the links on my art page if you are interested in joining in with us.

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  1. Hi, Roxanne. I can only approve of the gardening and art combination! I, too, do a fair amount of house painting with my husband. Gotta love 'em!
    best, nadia


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