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Monday, March 26, 2012

Facebook No More

As of 5 PM yesterday I now no longer have a Facebook page. Why you ask? Because, frankly, it was a time sucker. I would say oh, I'll only be on it an hour or so. Before I knew it  three hours or more had gone by. That was three hours (plus) I lost to the day. I just had to read everything those on my friends list posted. The housework suffered, my quilting suffered and I never got to the studio to work on my art. So I said goodbye to Facebook. I will miss the interaction but I'm keeping contact with friends that have become special to me. I will never regret meeting many interesting people on that forum but it was the end of that season for me and on to the next one. Now I have to get into a routine. I fear that is easier said than done but I'll give it a shot.

I'm sharing a picture of crocuses blooming in my garden last week. It's rained a little since I took this picture so now the flowers are no more but I thought you'd enjoy the sight. It is going down to 17 degrees here tonight. We've been spoiled with such nice warm weather the past week. The trees and bushes are budding out but with the cold tonight they won't fair well and have to start their grow all over again.

With more time on my hands, I'll be posting more often here. Maybe I'll even get into a routine.


  1. Kudos to you on this difficult decision. I myself have decided to limit my computer time and am already seeing huge benefits. I LOVE the blogs, I LOVE Flickr and Pinterest. I could spend hours looking at what other quilters are up to. But that just means I don't get very much done myself. So my hat is off to you.
    P.S. My friend Jody recently turned off her internet altogether. She goes to one of these "internet cafes" once a week to pick up her e-mails. And she gave up her Kindle entirely. Jody reports that her house is now CLEAN!

  2. Oh don't worry - you can waste plenty of time blogging if you're not on Facebook. Just ask me - I know. Thanks for the crocus pic. We've going to be freezing tonight, too.

  3. I fully understand. It was a big decision. I also spend much too much time on the computer. I love my groups blog but it takes me away from quilting. I enjoy all the bloggers that I have met, including you, so I'm not ready to give it up. Best thing for me is to stay away from all the other distractions like Facebook, Flickr etc.


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