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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

Okay. I admit it. I've been neglectful of my blogging. While I've been posting on our quilt guild blog on a regular basis and I've been reading the blogs I follow, I've been doing everything else imaginable...well almost. So, you ask, what else have I been doing?

The veggie garden came first. We had drought conditions this summer so the weeds didn't get ahead of me. My DH hooked up the hose and I watered the veggies every day. Still, the tomatoes weren't very good. I didn't get many useable for the second year in a row. My beans weren't as good as last year. I didn't have enough to can at one time but I did add what I harvested to the freezer. There wasn't as much summer squash and zucchini as last year but I did get enough to make a batch each of pickles and relish. The one veggie that did well was the carrots. Most of them had the diameter of tennis balls! And tasty...oh, yes! I canned 14 pints and had some leftover. Also I canned 19 quarts total of spaghetti sauce, tomatoes and tomato soup base.

Canned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, patchwork and sketching.

Zucchini pickles and zucchini relish.
One day I went picking tomatoes with a friend. We were charged only $12 a bushel.

Next year I'm growing mostly pear tomatoes. They make great sauce. My sauce cooked for two days in the crockpot. Yum!

There is nothing as good as soup made from the veggies you grow yourself!

This summer's quilting projects:

I made two of these hot mats for a guild project. Then I got to keep them for my own kitchen.

The pineapple block. Another guild project.

Our block exchange this year. This week was red and black. 

I went walking with my youngest daughter a number of times. Sometimes we walk around the neighborhood and sometimes at the park by the local lake.

Next time I post, which won't be as long as last time, I have a wonderful treat to share. One of my fellow quilt guild members and I went to a quilt show at The Old Forge Art Center, about a 2 hour drive from where we live. Lots of wonderful quilts to share with you!

Now off I go to run errands and get the weeks groceries.  Next week is forecast to be wet and stormy so I'll have plenty of  'inside' time to blog. Ta-ta for now.

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