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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Two...The Search Goes ON

More progress on looking for the missing CD. As you can see by the picture my bookshelves are now neat and reasonably tidy. I even filled two grocery bags with papers and old catalogs to throw out. After moving into this home four years ago I find that I still am purging out stuff that moved with me.

Cleaner bookshelves   

Well, after cleaning my bookshelves, I happened to be walking by my husband's bookshelves in the other room.  There on the top shelf were two CD cases. Hmmm, I wondered. I opened one up and started rifling through it. And there I guessed CD. How did it get there? Well, I admit I had lent him one of my CDs associated with the missing one a few weeks ago. I must have given that  one along with it. fault! Anyways I'm glad to have the mystery solved and a cleaner bookcase to boot. And now to find the top of my desk....                                                     


  1. I am happy for you , it is always nice to find a missing object .

  2. Hi, Roxanne. Doesn't it drive you nuts, stuff that just walks around? I find I need to get back to cleaning out--I've been slack with the heat of summer and stuff is piling up. It will have to wait a bit longer!
    best, nadia


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