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Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Nesting

Now that the clocks have been turned back so it's getting dark at 5 PM and with the fact that it's a cool 36 degrees out, I've been in kind of a nesting mood today. I've been checking out some homesteading/gardening blogs and finding new comfort food recipes. And thoughts of giving my spinningwheel a dusting off and picking up the knitting needles once again have crossed my brain.  I always get this way when the air gets colder. However the temperature is supposed to reach into the sixties on Sunday so my nesting mindset may be delayed a bit longer. Let's hope so.

The following pictures I took on my neighborhood walk a couple of weeks ago when the leaves had turned and were still on the trees...not so now.

The end of an adjacent road. I never noticed that house up the hill on the right hand side of the picture before.

Looking down the road in front of our home.

View in back of our back yard.


  1. You live in a very pretty area! Enjoy your nesting after the leaves fade away.

  2. beautiful pictures. I do miss the seasonal changes living in Israel.

  3. Hi Roxanne, you live in such a beautiful part of the world.. I too love getting out the knitting needles when the weather gets cool... Mine are about to go away!!

  4. Hi, Roxanne. Lovely photos. I enjoyed the tour of the Old Forge quilt show--some beautiful work going on in your corner of the world. Thanks for stopping by, commenting and following my new blog. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!
    best, nadia


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