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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Touch(?) Of Winter And A WIP

Needless to say you've all probably heard about the snowstorm across the country last week. Hubby had to snowblow the driveway out 3 times this week. And I was hoping for the same light weather this winter as we had last year. (Sigh...) Sorry but since I don't have a FaceBook page anymore I just had to do a little rant here. LOL

I do have some quilting to show you though. I started this quilt top about six years ago. It's about time I finished. I have to add more blocks to it but I thought I would show you what I've done so far. So making a promise to myself, this quilt top will be finished in time to start a new one. Another LOL

I think there are three more blocks to be completed before I assemble them and then there is a pieced border to finish it off.  To be continued.... After all I've acquired a quilted wall hanging pattern that has pieced cardinal blocks in it. Can't wait to start it! So many quilts so little time.

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  1. Wonderful work. I like everything especially the little girl at the end.


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