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Monday, January 21, 2013

WIP and other things

On my post I shared some quilt blocks I had been working on. I've finished another block to show you.

There are 2 or 3 more blocks to complete and then the hard part. There are many blocks that have to be 'set in' in L shaped corners. Oh, the joy. What did I get myself into? Another challenge Ollie!

Last week I was busy sewing up a storm. Among other items that I'll share in another post, I made a tote from leftover fabric that I sewed a sewing machine cover from and I used more of my favorite sheep fabric to make a tote to carry my drop spindle in.

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In closing I just have to make a comment about our winter weather. Yesterday at 5 PM one could see the green  grass  brown weeds in the back yard and hey, even the stones in the driveway. By 9 PM we had approximately 12 inches of snow and this morning it totaled nearly 2 feet. More on the way tonight and tomorrow. I think I'll spend the day sewing hibernating.


  1. I love that quilt block! You can keep the snow up there. Hope you're staying nice a cozy.

  2. Great projects Roxanne , sounds like you got a lot of snow , our snow did not materialize , we only got a few cms. But I am sure that will change soon . Enjoy your sewing time .


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