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Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Try

Having renew my efforts on this blog I was hoping to post more often. However, events in the last two or three weeks have been distracting but now I'm back to try again. My 95 year old dad fell and broke his arm a week ago and is in the hospital. Meanwhile my car had to go in the shop for repairs and I had no transportation. When I finally went to visit my dad I managed to catch a virus at the hospital and haven't been able to go to visit him since. Don't want to add to his recovery time, a might frustrating. Oh well, it rains on the just and the unjust. You just have to roll with the punches. (A word of advise for the season: be sure to carry and use hand sanitizer to stave off the nasties!)

Autumn is almost come and gone. I love the colors of fall but they never last long enough. Many of the trees are displaying their skeleton forms and I can see the barns on the next road through the treeline in the back of our property again. The shagbark hickory tree in the front yard is still hanging on to this years crop of nuts. There will be plenty for the squirrels this year. The bluebirds were at the bird boxes this morning fending off a couple of sparrows. The bluebirds may stay in the area this winter if the weather stays mild.

 This view down our driveway to our home was taken 2 weeks ago. My trees are naked now.
The wild asters put on quite a nice show this year.

I forgot to post that I won a prize on a blog hop recently from Desiree Habicht at I was awarded a sketchbook (my absolutely favorite one to work in) a brush, marker, a mechanical pencil and a wonderful original sketch that I hung in my studio for inspiration.

Gardening season is just about done in our location. This week I will be harvesting my parsnips and planting my garlic.

It's getting cold enough here lately that I'm already thinking of nesting, my favorite thing to do. With nesting comes cleaning and redecorating for the season. And of course cooking our favorites and baking, my favorite way of heating up the house. I'm planning to get back into more quilting,knitting and weaving. More art too! I'm also working on restoring an antique loom. Can you tell I'm ready to hunker down for the cold months? I'm sure I'll have plenty to keep me occupied and will have lots of things to post to my blog about. Toodles!

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