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Friday, June 13, 2014

Hoping To Make Up For Lost Time

Wow! It's been quite some time since I posted last. The end of February to be exact. I'll be attempting to post on a more regular basis. At least, I hope to. It seems that time is speeding up and making my days go by in a blur.

In trying to grab hold of time and whip it into shape, I'm changing some of my priorities around. While I have spent many happy hours sewing and quilting, I feel that I'm suffering from quilting burnout. Hence, the change for quilting being at the top of my creativity list to closer to the bottom.  But, being a fickle human being, that could change in a New York minute. Meanwhile, I have also decided to not participate in our local quilt guild for the coming year and to pass the baton for our guild's blog on to another well qualified member. The ladies at the guild are a wonderful group and I've enjoyed the fellowship I've had there. I'm more of the 'independently-minded' artist type and I get the most enjoyment of working on projects of my own separate from group projects. Would I ever give up quilting entirely? Definitely not!

My interest in creating art has risen and I've taken a few online art classes in the last three years. I've experienced using new art supplies in my work recently. In fact, I joke that I have so many art supplies I could open my own store. How long will my intense interest in making art last? I have no answer for that. It could last for years or it could blow away with the next windstorm. Meanwhile, I have accumulated supplies that I haven't used yet and I'm determined to get to know them all.

A painting from one of my classes. Something different from my usual work.

If all else fails and I lose interest in art making, there is always spinning and weaving to fall back on. I're thinking how much does this girl dabble in? I would answer 'a lot'. Some might think I have too much time on my hands. LOL I wish I had more!

Oh, but there's something more to this! I have another blog where I share ideas for those crafters who are walking in the Hebrew Roots movement to incorporate into their creations.  I also signed up this month to start Bible College. I should complete it in about three years.

The hard part for me is to juggle my time for creativity, household obligations and other distractions. I've tried making a schedule but find it hard to stick to. It seems like there are always interruptions. Ha! Certainly I am not uniquely a victim of this. But life goes on.

I leave you with a iris blossom from my garden that probably was a victim of a curious rabbit. It was broken off at the base of the flower so I rescued it and enjoyed it for the day.

 Have A Great Weekend Dear Ones!

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