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Friday, September 2, 2016

Back For Another Round

It seems that we've just blinked and August is over. Did I sleep through the last three months? And what did I do with my time?
   1. Planted my vegetable garden. Harvested my garlic and continuing reaping sauce tomatoes and            beans. A few summer squash, zucchinis and tasty asparagus Beets and carrots are coming along.
   2. Had a lawn sale...starting to downsize in anticipation of a future move. What did I need all that
       all that stuff for anyways? You know what they say..."Use it or loose it."
      what they say..."Use it or loose it" And I found more to sell  afterwards and planning another sale
      for next summer. More to downsize.
   3. Continuing my Bible College courses. Sent for what I thought was a Hebrew language course.
       Surprise! It turned out to be a Biblical Hebrew course. Not disappointed. I love the challenge!
   4. My art buddy and I are continuing to sketch on location when the weather isn't too hot. And
       and hasn't it been this summer?
Across the River

Gazebo at Central Square

Last week we took a day trip to visit the Golden Paints art gallery and store in New Berlin,NY. On the way back home we stopped in Sherburne, NY at the Rogers Enviromental Education Center.
We didn't have time to go through the whole park but we did take time to get some interesting pictures. Here are some of mine.:
That's a whole lot of lily pads!

Maybe these fish thought we were going to give them lunch.

The water was so clear we could see lots of fish in both ponds.

I'd love to go back and spend a day just exploring that place and sketching, of course.

The weather is cooler than it has been so I'm spending the afternoon outside playing with my pastels...while my unfinished quilt continues to glare at me as I walk past the doorway.

Happy Rosh Chodesh!


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