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Monday, July 3, 2017

Another Restart

I've been so neglectful at tending to this blog. Perhaps it's time to post again. I realize that I really miss blogging so I'm giving it another try.

 It may be that I've lost followers because of my inattentiveness. I may have also lost contact with those followers because Blogger no longer issues their blogroll to follow. Bloglovin was clogging up my email with things I didn't want to read so I stopped accepting emails from them.

And I'm not the only one slacking off. I've noticed that most of the blogs I follow haven't posted very often either.  In fact, I decided to cease following some.

On a brighter note, I noticed on my stats on this blog that I had almost 400 hits from Pinterest viewers last month. Cool, huh? So, I'm trying again to make a go of my blog.

So you ask what have I been doing since I last posted in October? My answer... quilting, sketching and not much else. Oh, this is bad. Maybe I'd better think of some new projects.

I can't post this without some pictures to share. First a local spot that an artist friend and I went to sketch.
Fort Brewerton, Brewerton, NY

Plus last fall we had a flock of turkeys visit our yard and I got a few photos.

Hopefully, we're having a lawn sale next week (if it stops raining long enough) but I hope to post every week after that for the foreseeable future. Thanks for visiting and come back to see what I've been up to.

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  1. It's nice to see you back. I think a lot of bloggers have either stopped blogging, or cut back on the amount of time they spend on blogs. That would be me. I still prefer blogs over FB or Instagram, which is where a lot of people have gone. I hope to see more of you!


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