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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Night


My husband's week long vacation has wrapped up and he's gone back to work. We had plans to paint two rooms and put new shelving in the pantry. The plans were good but we only got to the shelves in the pantry. Actually he cut and positioned the supports for the shelves and cut the shelves to fit. This week I'll do a paint job in the pantry and hopefully have the shelves filled with supplies. I can't complain though because this dear man had to take time to snow blow our long driveway at least four times during his week off. Too much snow this year.

I've been scrolling through other blogs and trying to find why I like the ones I do. Sometimes it's the banner or the background. But I think my favorites ones tend to be those that have either a series of photos that were taken of projects in progress and those that give directions on making things. And I'm still trying to play with this blog again. I've left it alone so long I've forgotten how to do things.

                              This quilted hanging is in my kitchen.

This week I've spent a lot of time working on a quilted wall hanging  that is to be a gift for a friend who is buying a new house. The wall hanging is finished except for the hanging pocket and label. I'm also progressing on my snowman table quilt. A twin sized pieced quilt is basted and awaiting machine quilting. And then there is the mystery quilt that I started with my quilt guild. I've spent so much time on my quilting projects that I'm feeling a little burned out so tomorrow I'll take time to do some art journaling. Gosh, I guess I'm too busy.

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