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Thursday, February 17, 2011


My husband has not-so-normal working hours so my creative time has to work around his nights and days. Because my usual sewing space is in at the kitchen table and closer to the recliner chair he usually falls asleep in, the noise of the sewing machine wakes him up. So my alternative is to set up a folding table to sew  in my studio where it's already crowded with my drafting table, bookshelves, looms and cabinets containing assorted supplies. But at least I won't disturb him. The only problem is that my fabric is stored all over the house and I can't get to the fabric I wanted to use tonight without disturbing the man. That goes to show me I'd better plan ahead. LOL!

So in lieu of working on my next quilt tonight, I have been surfing quilting blogs. Lots of ideas out there. I'm hoping by leaving some comments on those blogs that I will attract other bloggers to my own blog and therefore making some new friends.

I thought I'd share this quilted wallhanging I made a few years ago. I really love how it turned out.Tonight I saw one done of the same pattern posted on another's blog. It was so funny to see it staring back at me. I don't know why but I seem to be craving quiltmaking for the time being instead of other artwork that I love to do. Maybe it has to do with the winter seemingly so long this year. After all, quilts are meant to keep us warm on long winter nights.

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  1. Your wall hanging turned out beautifully! It's fun to see your version of the same quilt I did. I honestly have never seen anyone else do this one. I did it so long ago that I was surprised that you made the comment about having done the same one! Have a great day!


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