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Sunday, November 27, 2011

After The Turkey

I'm back! There's been too much on my plate lately including a lot of turkey. I haven't forgotten my blog, I've just been a bit distracted. But I have found time to work on my Stay-At-Home Robin. I'm thinking of not adding any more rows and turning it into a wall hanging instead of a full size quilt. I think it would look great on the wall over our headboard. What do you think? Should I continue and make it full size or make it a wallhanging?


  1. I love the idea of using this as a wallhanging. It is really beautiful.

  2. It's beautiful as of the future 'assignments' will be for an applique border, and I think it would look fantastic with another round of applique! I haven't done the hourglass/pinwheel border yet.

  3. I love it as it is Roxanne, but it seems that there is more loveliness to come...

  4. It is beautiful this way and would look lovely above your bed, but I wonder about the next round. :)

  5. Hi, Roxanne. Happened upon your blog while surfing the net. Your quilt is gorgeous--How about making another, then you could have a wall hanging AND a bed quilt...lot of work, huh? But so beautiful. Also enjoyed your Quilt show pictures--great show!
    best from Tunisia, nadia

  6. Well, I didn't look closely enough at the central block! Of course, pomegranates! I'm working on a background made of traditional pomegranate blocks for my drawn pomegranates. Should take a loooong time! Looking forward to following your projects!
    best, nadia


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