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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nursing The Last Cup Of Hazelnut and More Pictures From the Quilt Show

Here I am up too early and enjoying my last cup of hazelnut coffee. Yes, that's right. It's PROBABLY the last hazelnut coffee I will brew at home. Unless, of course someone gifts me with a bag of it. (hint, hint, family members) The problem is that the coffee brokers had gotten my ire up. I went to my local Wegmans supermarket last week and, lo and behold, they had reset the coffee isle. That wouldn't be a bad thing except for the fact that they have eliminated the large bag of a certain brand of hazelnut  coffee and the small bag they still have on the shelf (only 11 ounces) is suddenly $5.19. Armed with that information, I proceeded to check out two other supermarkets close by. One did not carry this brand at all. And the other one was charging $5.99 for the same sized bag. And yes, there are four other Wegmans stores in the areas that I pass through from time to time and before I give up totally I will check them out. (Not all branches of this store necessarily stock the same.) I even checked out this brand of coffee on the brand's website. Errrrrgh! Even more expensive. So in all good conscience I refuse to pay the higher price.

So it looks like I am switching to flavored teas. I have quite an assortment of them that I've accumulated, plus the pretty new teapot I acquired this summer.  I suppose I'll have to make a teapot cozy. You saw that coming, didn't you?

Now I've vented my frustration about coffee which, of course, I don't really need, I'll treat you to the last of the pictures I took at the quilt show.

So many of these wonderful quilts had embellishments. I know these pictures don't do them justice so you'll just have to use your imagination. Enjoy!


  1. sorry about your coffee! I've never acquired a taste for coffee, so I'll stick with the tea. I love the little quilt with the camper! And the last one, with the Aspen/birch trees. THe colors are so rich.

  2. Thankyou so much for the wonderful pictures of the quilt show Roxanne.. there is so much talent out there..


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