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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What A Life

I haven't posted in two weeks. My excuse? Too many distractions. First I backed into someone else's car. No damage to my car but major distraction to my rattled brain. Then there was the return of the two woodchucks. Major destruction under our house. Trap came today. Sorry for you animal lovers but these animals are of the unclean sort and it's either them or our house. We opt to keep the house. And the bank will probably appreciate that there is something left to pay the mortgage on. Then last night there was a propane leak in the furnace (hubby was at work and miles from home) and I had to call the repair service. $$$ later and a dent in the income tax return. Sigh! And I'm a few hours behind on my sleep from last night.However, the veggie garden was tilled this weekend and ready to plant as soon as the woodchucks have met their fate.

No new quilting to share this time. I have finished the blocks for the Underground Railroad quilt that our quilt guild members are working on and I think I have decided to set the blocks with muslin sashing to make them stand out more. For the time being I think I'm quilted out. Maybe it's the anticipation of being outside gardening again. That's a good kind of distraction.

I've been taking more online art classes. I've got a whole lot of sketching going on! Check out my art page and see what I've been doing. It's not too fancy, just a chance to get the old art muscle back in shape. And don't forget to look at my garden page. My tomato seedlings have gone nuclear!

Here are a couple of pictures of my old garden before it got too old.


  1. I hope your next couple of weeks run a little smoother! You're cutting into your fabric budget with all the unexpected little expenses. :-(

  2. The garden looks beautiful. You know things will settle down. Why do so many things happen at once? That's the way it always is, right?


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