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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And You Ask "Why Are You Cleaning Your Studio"?

I'm sure it's happened more than once to you. I know it's happened to me. Losing something that is. Somewhere in the house. A special CD given to me by a friend is suddenly missing. Can it be replaced? Yes, it can. But a friend who is very dear to me gave this CD to me. What can I say but that I want it back. No, I don't have teenagers in the house who might have inadvertently picked it up thinking it was theirs. I don't have a dog so it hasn't been chewed up and spit out. My hubby and I don't have the same taste in CDs so he didn't take it. I checked my CD rack 3 times, my box of instructional CDs, the 2 CD players in the house...not there. So the next thing is to clean my studio where I last saw it. I had projects all over the room so, first of all , get those picked up and put away. Okay, there is still some stuff on the floor where I threw it but I'm picking that up next.

Sidetracked: Started cleaning up the book case...a whole bag of reference clippings ready to throw out next garbage day. One half of the bookcase is straightened...Wow! more room to juggle books around. Now I won't have to stuff them to get them back into the bookcase.

Okay back to the cleaning.

  Or I could just quilt. The saga continues!


  1. If you don't find it by the time you're finished cleaning, you can come clean my place too! Maybe it's at the bottom of one of my piles of stuffus.

  2. I hope you are successful in finding your CD , I hate when I miss place things . Your studio has benefited by your loss though ;-)


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