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Possibility: one's utmost power, capacity or ability.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip

Road trip? Not really but I am driving about 30 miles north to visit a friend, give quilting lessons and have a little Bible study and midrash with her. I've never been to her house before so I'm taking my map and her phone number.

And a report on my little fig tree: We had a storm come through on Monday night. The winds must have been 75 miles an hour. I haven't seen wind that strong since I was a little girl when a hurricane hit in the Northeast. I was going to pull my tree inside for shelter when I heard the weather report earlier in the day but, alas, I forgot! I was leaning up against the window watching the lightening show when the wind hit. I literally felt the window move! Then I remembered my poor little fig tree. I ran to the front door and looked out and Oh My! I thought the tree was going to get blown right off the front porch. I didn't dare go out and rescue it because I thought I might get blown off the porch! Or the door might get ripped of it's hinges. But don't worry, my fig tree survived. And the baby fig count is now up to 10.

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  1. Hope your had a good day with your friend. And I'm glad Mr. Fig Tree survived the storm.


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