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Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Project And A New Blog

When I get tired of seeing snow this time of year, I put the snowmen decorations away and look for something to brighten the atmosphere in our home. Last year I started collecting cardinal decor. Cardinals being the birds not the baseball team. LOL I saw this pattern on Pinterest and had to order it.
I've started on it and have progressed further than what this picture shows and I can't wait to get it finished.

And now for the big announcement!!!!! I've started another craft blog. It's aimed at those of faith returning from the nations back to the Hebrew roots of the Bible but all are welcome to visit and use my ideas for themselves. I include, and will continue to add to, many links to related websites and sources for crafting materials and will be sharing my own creations and giving ideas of how to incorporate their faith into their crafts. I will be posting twice a week, once on Monday and again on Thursday. Between my two blogs I'll be spending a lot of time in the studio crafting. My new blog is:

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  1. I love cardinals , this will be a lovely project and will bring some cheer into your home .


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