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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Had Enough Of That Snow Yet?

If your answer to that question is "Yes", I'm in agreement. However I need more snowman themed items to decorate my home with for January. So out came the sewing machine (Did I see it shake with excitement?), the fabric, thread , etc. Pinterest was pulled up on the computer to search out 'snowmen' and having chosen a couple of ideas, I have three new mug rugs to add to my collection. I still need a table runner or two so that could be something I'll do before the month is out. Yikes! That will be in less that two weeks from now. Where did the month go? One good thing is that we passed the halfway mark and the days are getting longer again.

Here are those mug rugs. They are such quick easy projects to do...instant, or almost, gratification!

Until next time....Hugs!

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