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Possibility: one's utmost power, capacity or ability.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Words and Phrases

Some people choose a word to concentrate on every year but one word isn't enough for me. I decided to tackle a phrase..."Organize My Use Of Time". I am so bad at this I'm compelled to improve. It's hard to believe how much time in my day is wasted. I know this because I can't seem to accomplish much and with a blink of an eye, it's already next week. Sigh.... With determination, I'll put that in the past and share my progress with you over the coming year.

In the mean time, even though it's close to the middle point in January, already the snow thing is getting old. No, I don't have cabin fever but I need a change from white to green so here are a couple of pictures that were taken in the summer months this year at a local park.

Now doesn't green look better than white to you. It does to me! This last picture was taken in my backyard this summer. We live in the country and wild life abounds here...sometimes.

An unexpected visitor.

Next week I'll share what else I've been up to. Hugs!

PS: I forgot to say returning to blogging is more uplifting that flowers and chocolate, but my husband doesn't need to know that! :) Hugs again!

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  1. Ahhh..thanks for a bright spot of green! I am not a fan of winter, at all. I do get a lot more sewing done, but I'd like to be able to spend some time outdoors, too. Good luck with you phrase!


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