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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally A Finished Quilt

Okay. Here it is. I promised you that I had a lot more to share. So here is the next installment. This quilt started as a 5 inch pinwheel block exchange at my quilt guild. Needless to say, when blocks are done by different quilters on different sewing machines, they end up with various finished sizes. My answer to this dilemma was to cut them down slightly. They went from a supposedly 5 inch square to a 4 1/4 inches. You ask why so much? Because some of them were that far off. Since most of the methods to produce the blocks varied...hand sewn as opposed to machine sewn, different 1/4 inch measures on sewing machine feet, and some of us used rotary cutters and rulers which are accurate than other methods. But, in the end, the blocks were more uniform before I assembled them into the quilt top.

Because there weren't enough blocks to make a twin sized quilt I decided to add four patch blocks every other block. But it still wasn't big enough for the size I wanted it to be so I added a 4 inch muslin border to it and then another border of  pinwheel and four patch blocks to it. I really liked the visual interplay between the two blocks and decided to emphasize this with quilting them on the diagonal. I finished with a muslin binding and FINALLY it was finished.

I have to confess though, the center part of this quilt lived in a drawer for two years or more before I decided to finish the project. Another confession: there are more UFO in that drawer. LOL!


  1. It`s lovely and the colours so nice.
    Have a nice day.
    Gr Annemieke.

  2. I really like what you have done with your pinwheels; I am making some at the moment with charm squares but haven't yet decided how I'm putting them together - this is an idea I would like to remember :-). Thank you for sharing!!


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