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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gradmother's Flowers Are Continuing To Bloom

Well, here you have it. More flowers are blooming for my garden! The really good thing about continuing to make these flowers is that I'm motivated to post to my blog at least once a week.

My Spring cleaning has started. Okay, so it took me a whole week to 'clean my closet'. I cleaned out what I didn't want or need and those items are earmarked for others to use and enjoy. I haven't had my closet this clean or as organized as when we first moved here three years ago. (Sound of patting myself on the back.)

I worked until after 11:30 last night appliqueing on a small quilt destined to hang on a wall. But today I'm putting my quilting aside to devote the day to making some art. I want to do some negative painting with my watercolors, play with some mixed media and...? How much time will be left to do this today I wonder. First I have to wash the dishes, make the bed, and get dressed. Yes, I'm still in my jammies! After these minor chores, I'll have about two hours before my husband gets home from work and I have to start his dinner. But, after he is taken care of, back to my art. Oh, one other thing...I have to find the top of my drawing table. It's under this clutter somewhere!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful and congratulations on getting some spring cleaning done.

  2. Your flowers are lovely, really like the brown one.

  3. You made two lovely flowers ! ! !
    Gr Hennie.

  4. Your hexies are lovely and always makes you feel better when you clean for spring!

    Carolyn :)

  5. Spring cleaning time already! Love this weeks flowers.

  6. Nice flowers, but next year there will be another spring for a spring cleaning... SO you can just work on your flowers this spring. LOL

  7. Thank you for your kind comments ladies. As yet I still haven't figured out how to acknowledge your comments on my blog except by posting on the comments section. Maybe I will by next spring. LOL


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