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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Mug Rugs

  This mug rug madness  is so much fun! I took the idea to my quilt guild last night. It's hard to tell how enthusiastic the members were but it was decided that we would do our own challenge. It will be due in June. However, an incentive will have to be presented to make it more fun for the participants. Maybe prizes could be given for the 3 most favorites voted for. Have to get back to the guild on that one!

  I took three mug rugs I had made to show the guild what they are aiming for. For this I went into my leftovers bin and pulled out pieces left  from rotary cuttings, the result of an experiment and a cute little guy print. I matched up like colors and constructed the rugs.

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  1. These are really cool... My favorite coffee cup has a picture of San Francisco on it, so I guess I should go with a San Fran theme for my mug rug. Uh-oh...This may take a little time to research!


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