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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's new pussycat?

Catchy title huh? I'm feeling just a bit silly today. This time of year one day it's sort of warm and the next? Snow coming our way they say. This week brought a Winter Aconite to bloom in the front garden. this afternoon I found a snowdrop in the side garden ready to bloom when the sun  finally reappears. It's a bit strange though. I planted many bulbs in the side garden two years ago last fall, including snowdrops. All that came up the next spring were daffodils, crocuses and odd ones I can't remember the names for, but no snowdrops. I figured I planted them too late or the ground was too wet for them to survive. Maybe all it takes is determination from those little bulbs. I'll excited and can't wait to see what else appears this year. Here's a couple of pictures of that aconite.

  A few years ago my husband and I visited Lancaster, Pennsylvania where I went a bit crazy in the fabric stores. One of the pieces of fabric I acquired was a print of various sheep. In case you hadn't read about my interests on my profile, one of the things I enjoy is spinning yarn. Any fabric that I come across with sheep on it never gets left behind and out the door it goes and into my stash. The following photo shows a wall quilt I made for my studio (my husband calls it a craft room). I wanted to make that sheep fabric to show up more so I decided to use it in a wide border around the patchwork block center.

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  1. Roxanne, I love this little sheep quilt. I'm going further browsing in the hope you have more!!


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