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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At Last!

I've finally finished with my last flower. I've enjoyed making a variety of them but, with this last one, I'm bringing my flower making to an end. I admit I don't really like doing so many of one item. It has helped to have each one in a different fabric. Now on to something else.

I've had this pattern in my files for a while now and decided this was the time to piece it. This is a free pattern that you can find at It's kind of hidden in their files so enter: Sew Much To Do in their search engine and you'll find the pathway to the directions. If you want this pattern don't forget to download the templates that go with the pattern.  When I finish this wall hanging I'll be placing it on the wall over my restored treadle sewing machine. Or rather where I'm going to locate the machine when it's restored.

I'm trying to come off the quilting bug for a while. I want to get back to my artwork and I'll have to can my tomatoes and butternut squash soon and that's going to be my priority until that's done. But I promise I will continue to blog every week or at least try to.


  1. Your flowers have all been beautiful! I'll be watching to see your table topper. That sewing wallhanging is adorable! Sorry you got tired of making flowers, I'm totally addicted at the moment. But you tried something and now it's time to move on. Don't forget to glob, even if it's not about quilting.

  2. Well, you last flower is beautiful!

  3. You ended with a very beautiful flower! Have fun with your new project and I look forward to seeing your flowers all together. Thank you for being part of One Flower Wednesday.

  4. The flowers have been great! I like the idea of doing one a week. I have started a looooong term hexagon project. I am trying to make each one different for a quilt (figured I need about 900!) So, slowly I'll gather little 2" squares from my projects and from friends who are sending to me from their stash. I don't think I'll get tired of it as it will take a while! Do please keep blogging... about your art... your gardening... life!
    Hugs from afar!

  5. Feine letzte Blume, schöner blauer Stoff! Was machst du jetzt damit?

  6. Very pretty, looking forward to seeing the finished top. I made hexies years ago and put them away until I found Karen's blog and that got me started again a year ago.
    busy time of year, I don't have alot of canning to do but apples are read and I have to decide what to do with them. Have fun.

  7. Your last flower is lovely - I look forward to seeing how you put them together. Do come back to OFW when you have made more progress!

  8. This wall hanging is really great.
    You'll miss doing those flowers!


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