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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

It seems like I wake up in the morning and find it's always Wednesday. Too funny. Well, here it is again. Wednesday that is. Bet you couldn't figure that one out, could you?  And my next flower is finished. I'm getting close to having enough to do a table cloth. I'm planning on 3 more flowers to add to the pile and go from there. Next I will be adding the pathway between the flowers and then the border. Oh, and didn't I tell you, I've made to many flowers to make a table runner. Unless of course, I wanted it to be for a very long table. So my plans have changed again, back to the tablecloth. Here's my latest flower.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to move your image around on the page. Sometimes it co-operates and sometimes not. This time it didn't. So I'm filling in the space with worthless chatter!

Now let's see if I can post another picture. I used my pressure canner for the first time last week and I have been admiring my work ever since. (Patting myself on the back here. pat pat) It was a bit nerve racking but I managed to get through it with a lot of reading the instructions. How do you like my canned wax beans? Now that I've shared my success, it's time to put the jars in the pantry.

And last of all, I thought I'd tease you a little bit. Sunny over at invited readers to join her in a Stay-home-Robin. You probably know what a round robin is but, since participants are all over the world, this is a chance to make a quilt without having to personally assemble in one location.
Our first instructions were to make a 16 inch block...any design we wanted. Each month we will be given instructions on how to make the next row of the quilt. The above picture is a tidbit of my first block. When I finish the block I'll post a picture. Until then you'll have to guess. If you want to join in there is still time. Go on over to Sunny's blog and look for her post dated August 2. Make a comment and she'll get back to you with the instructions and information on a photo sharing site set up just for participants.


  1. Yes, it is Wednesday again! LOL. Lovely flower and nice photo of all your jars in a row. I also like the starts of your round robin.

  2. Hey Roxanne, your center block looks very interesting. I've bought fabric and decided on a pattern, but haven't started stitching yet. Good job on the canning. I'd leave the jars out to admire for awhile. I just noticed your comment about acknowledging comments. You can go in your setting, comment, and click on Comment Notification Email at the bottom of the page. THen you'll get an email anytime someone comments on your blog, and you can respond to them directly from the email if you wish. If you need any help, just let me know.

  3. Your center looks interesting. Can't wait to see all of it. I'm glad to find another stay at home robin member. Your hexagon is great. Can't wait to see your tablecloth.

  4. Lovely flower. Love your canned beans, nice work.

  5. Nice flower to add to your garden.
    MMMM!! your centre looks interesting. I am also in Sunny's SAHRR.


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