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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Second Blog Posting This Week?

  My, oh my! Can you believe it? I'm posting two days in a row. How can that be? Probably because I don't really want to go out and check my exploding zucchini crop again. I know that I'm only procrastinating the inevitable. Meanwhile I found a lot of zucchini recipes on 952of them as a matter of fact. And they aren't just for zucchini bread either. Some of them sound so yummie! Fritters, casseroles, salads, soups and more.
  Last weekend my next door neighbors had a barn sale. Lots of antiques. And could I resist? Naw! But I only bought one thing. I didn't even look at all their sale items when I saw this.

  It needs a little TLC but it's doable. It was a little dirty and smelly. I had to wash it down with Murphy's Oil Soap before bringing it into the house. It still needs work. I need to clean up the sewing head yet, oil it, etc. I'm going to have to wire brush rust off of the treadle and the casters and repaint them. Then it's on to gluing down some laminate that is coming off, filling some gouges and finally, redoing the cabinet finish. She's going to be a beauty when I'm done with her. Can't wait to try quilting with my new treasure.

 There are interesting decals on the head. I've found a manual for this machine along with extra bobbins available  and some history on the manufacturer on the internet.
  I owned another treadle machine a few years ago but sold it to raise money to go to a wool festival with a friend. (For those who don't know, I spin yarn too.) My friend was my ride to the festival. Unfortunately, she was unable to go as planned. I could get over not going to the wool festival but I no longer had my sewing machine. So when I saw this one, I admit I jumped on it. With a little bit of love, she'll be like new.


  1. How sad that you sold your machine and then your plans fell throught. I'm glad you found this replacement, and hope she will be very good to you and your quilts.

  2. What fun! It's so beautiful. memories... my Mom's first machine was one like this that had been converted to electric;-) Nice part of this... you get some exercise as you sew :-)


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