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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The past week has been a blur...

...with the zucchini population exploding (I didn't know that zucchini in your garden can double in size in an afternoon), having to have stitches taken out (had a tooth pulled the week before), taking online classes (one in marketing and one in Hebrew), panicking that I would have to can the waxed beans from the garden before I had the kitchen prepared (whew! there were only 2 quarts worth to pick after all and I blanched and froze them), putting on mileage to pick up my 93 year old dad across town, take him to the doctors, taking him back to his residence, then picking up my husband from work and yes, spending too much time on this computer! I think my high school English teacher wouldn't be happy with my run-on sentences!

After all is said and's Wednesday! Time to share my latest flower with my viewers. This makes 31 altogether and I think because I'm into so many projects I'm going to make a table runner with these flowers. I'm not sure how many more I'll make but it probably won't be many. And then I will assemble them with pathways of muslin between the flowers and maybe add a lace border.

As I shared in my last post, the members of our local quilt guild, the Twilight Stitchers Quilt Guild, are each participating in constructing the famous Underground Railroad quilt. There are 12 blocks to this quilt and the members will do a block a month until all blocks are completed, then assemble the blocks into a completed quilt. Some of the ladies from The Quilting Corner will be joining in the fun with their own versions of the patterns. Stop on over to their blog at and see the quilts these talented ladies create. As a matter of fact, any of my readers are welcome to join along and make her own underground railroad quilt. It is recommended that you choose 5 different colors for this quilt although it is perfectly alright to make a scrappy version. Each block will consist of 12 square inches but if you like a challenge, you might downsize the block patterns and make a wall hanging instead of a larger quilt. Also think about what fabric you might use to place as separator strips between each block and on the border. The first block (shown in my last post dated July 27) in the quilt is the Churn Dash, also known as the Monkey Wrench. You can find the pattern at:
Another website to check is  There you will find a good representation of the twelve blocks we will be making.

I'll be taking as many pictures as I can of our guild members blocks and posting them for everyone to see. The last project our guild did was a mystery quilt wall hanging. I find it amazing how different each quilt looked using the same pattern but different fabrics. Each was unique! I'm sure this project will yield the same results. Happy quilting everyone!


  1. Sadly, I have to buy zucchini. Pathetic, isn't it? I wanted to grow some one year until I found out how big a single plant is! Your Underground Railroad sounds interesting - I may have to give it some thought.

  2. This is a great idea. I'm looking forward to getting started. Thanks for letting the Quilting Corner join in all the fun.

  3. Slow down girlfriend, you are making me tired! A table runner sounds nice for your flowers and the Underground Railroad sounds very interesting too.

  4. What a busy summer! I love it that you still made your flower! I am going to check out the Underground Railroad again! Not like I don't have enough projects running now! Hugs!

  5. Lovely flower this week! I think a cotton crochet lace border on your table runner would be very pretty!

  6. Glad you found time to do your flower, it is beautiful, love the colours. My zucchini are just blooming now. If I don't plant a couple I miss them.


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