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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Running Around Like A Chicken With My Head Cut Off...Again!

All I did was blink and it's time for One Flower Wednesday again. Where did the week go? I want to post on my blog more often but it seems like I'm always too busy. Today is no different. This morning I had to clean up the kitchen and get my canning jars ready for my zucchini pickles. Then my DH came home from work and I got his dinner ready. More dishes to wash. Then came slicing the zucchini and adding the brine. Off I went to get the car inspected, thankful that it passed. Back home and make the liquid for the pickles. Zucchini hasn't soaked long enough so to my computer while I wait for the time to pass. Pulled up my account on facebook and started reading my friends' posts. A friend comes on chat and I chat with him for a few minutes. Still not time to start processing the pickles. Grabbed leftovers for supper. Uh oh! Husband is up and wants something to eat. More dishes, this time left in the sink. Finally, finally, finally started heating everything up for the pickles. Have I got your head spinning yet? I know mine is! Haha!

Now for my latest flower. And two more to go before I assemble them into a tablecloth. Whoopee!

Last week our daughter, son-in-law and the grandchildren went camping for a week and I had the delightful assignment of 'bunny sitting'. Bunbun, as the girls named him, is a miniature lopear. He likes to chase me around the livingroom like a puppy dog. I was over everyday to feed him and clean his cage. He loves green beans and when I didn't give him as many as he wanted, I got the 'look'. It's amazing how animals can communicate without saying a word.

Okay, I've been so busy I haven't gotten my 2nd Underground Railroad Quilt block done. But I do have it cut out. So maybe I'll have more to post on my blog this week. Stay tuned. One more thing before I go. I'll give you another peak at what I'm doing for our Stay-at-home-Robin. And next week I'll have it done to show you the first part of this project. I promise you'll love it.


  1. I am loving that Stay at Home Block! i can't wait until they start showing up on the flickr site. Now please relax for 5 minutes!

  2. I think someone needs a nice long vacation! Lovely flower and Bunbun is very cute.

  3. Beautiful flower and BunBun is the cutest little bunny imaginable.


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